How Well Do You See?

Want To See Better?


I thought I’d be chained to my glasses for the rest of my life.

I didn’t know you could improve your vision with only 15 minutes of simple eye exercises each day.

I thought my eyes would just keep getting worse, year on year, as I got older.

I didn’t know you can attain perfect eyesight, at any age, and then keep it.


eye exercises
The Truth About the Eyes
(Shhh! No Optician Will Tell You This)

Eyes are amazing!

It doesn’t matter which eye 'problem' you have, your eyes always retain the ability to heal themselves. YOU can see perfectly.

  • Myopia (near-sightedness)
  • Hyperopia (far-sightedness)
  • Presbyopia (middle-age sight/reading glasses)
  • Astigmatism
  • Poor night vision
  • Strabismus (crossed eye)
  • Amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • Photo sensitivity (sensitivity to light)
  • Photo phobia (fear of light)
  • Eyestrain, headaches and burning eyes

It just doesn't matter what is 'wrong' with your eyes.

If you give them the help and support they need, they WILL heal themselves.

Perfect Vision is your birth-right.


"I hate these damn glasses!"

I used to wear glasses. You know, the ugly goldfish bowl type that make your eyes look as big as saucers!

One day I was complaining to my friend Maria, yet again, about how lucky she was, not needing glasses.

We were at the beach.

I love the beach, but as far as locations go, it's not very spectacle-friendly!

"You don't know how lucky you are Mary. You can swim, play volley ball, roll in the sand, and you don't have to think about your glasses... losing them, breaking them - the constant cleaning!"

Maria, a true friend, was clearly tired of my moaning:

"Look Dave, why don't you quit complaining and just fix your eyes. I read somewhere that you can do it yourself by just doing some special eye exercises every day. I think it's called Natural Vision Correction or something like that."


I laughed. Actually, I scoffed.

I thought she was talking nonsense!

You see, I’d been wearing glasses since I was 3 years old. My eyes were getting progressively worse. How could a few exercises change that!

I didn't believe it was possible to reverse my decaying eyesight.

If it was true, surely my optician would have told me?

improve vision
But her words stuck in my head. They started to nag at me. I began to think … what if it was true?

What if I could heal my own eyes?


What if I could wake up in the morning,
and see my partners face lying on the pillow,
instead of a fuzzy blur?


I started to research.

What I discovered blew me away.


Better than 20/20

You see, perfect vision is the natural state of your eyes.

I discovered that we don't need glasses (or lenses) at all. In fact, they actually make your eyesight worse!

20/20 vision is highly overated. The eyes can see much better than that.

(20/20 vision means you can easily read the 20 foot line on the Snellen Eye Test Chart at 20 feet away!)


There is no limit to how much
you can improve your vision beyond 20/20


Someone with above average eyesight can easily read the 10 foot line, (the smallest line at the bottom of the Snellen Eye Test Chart), at 20 feet away
=> 20/10 vision.

In fact, after a little training, there are plenty of people who can read the 10 foot line at 50 to 60 feet away
=> 60/10 vision.

This is called "telescopic vision". Sounds good, doesn't it.

"yeah, sure thing Dave... telescopic vision!
Right now, I'd be over the moon if I could just read the TV guide without having to reach for my glasses!"


So what did I do with all this fabulous
information from my research?

Well, at first I did ... um .... nothing!

eyesight improvementI just got really angry.

I’d spent more than 3 decades
unnecessarily dependent on glasses

Why hadn't anyone told me?


Then I revisited my old friend... Mr Skepticism.

"If it was really possible to fix your own eyes with simple daily exercises, no-one would be wearing specs or lenses anymore. Surely, everyone would have perfect vision!"

I didn’t want to believe I’d spent so many years of my life being 'technically blind without glasses', when the 'cure' was so simple.

"It must be a load of old rubbish!"

Thank you, Mr Skepticism... or should I say Mr Cynicism!


Next came a little victimhood ...

vision correction"Maybe it works for some lucky people,
but I'm sure it won’t work for me."


Looks like the odds were stacked against me.


Luckily, I had an advantage over my doubting mind.

I hated wearing glasses!

I wanted to see

I mean I really wanted to see

I was ready to do almost anything

I wanted to…

walk in the rain without needing to constantly wipe the droplets from my two 'windshields'!
play tennis without strapping my glasses to my face with tight elastic!
kiss my wife without poking her eye out!
come inside from the cold without getting all steamed up!
go swimming in the ocean and actually find my friends when I got back to the beach!


I hated…

those two little red marks on the bridge of my nose!
forgetting where I put my specs - 10 times a day!
looking like a nerd!
waking up in the middle of the night, and having to fumble around for my glasses to know what time it is!
spending (wasting) all that money, even as my eyes continued to get worse year on year



So I just got started experimenting with my own eyesight.

eye exercisesI bought books. I surfed the web for hours reading articles. I studied Yoga techniques, Taoist techniques, Buddhist and Sufi techniques, the Bates Method, the Slavicek method, the abc and the xyz method.

I tried different foods and herbs, oils, potions and lotions.

If I found something that was supposed to help heal the eyes, I tried it!

Some stuff was kind of obvious, some not so apparent, and some stuff was just plain weird... but I tried that too!


And just like that, my eyesight was cured, right?

Well, no actually!

At first, not much happened.

I got disappointed. I started skipping the exercises and nearly gave up.

But luckily, I'd overdone the research!

I'd found so much information, and so many different techniques, there was always something new to try. There was always some new hope to give me a little renewed motivation.


"My eyesight started to get better almost immediately. At my next appointment, my opthalmologist was amazed and wanted to know what I'd been doing!"


Success stories, like the one above, inspired me to stick with it. So I started to collect lots of them, and read a few every day.

Reading these testimonials, from real people who were just like me, made sure I did my exercises.


And then...

... a few weeks later, my eyes started to feel uncomfortable with my glasses on, and I decided to go for a check up.

I was shocked. My vision had improved by two whole diopters (from +8 to +6). That's a 25% improvement.

Ok, it’s wasn't 20/20, but can you imagine how I felt – I’d actually improved my own vision.


better eyesightMy eyes were healing themselves. The exercises were working. It was true after all. I was going to get my sight back!!


Now I got really serious. I did MUCH more research.

I got more disciplined with my exercises, and began to refine my schedule, so I could do my daily eye routine in just 15 minutes.

I started to make some changes to my daily habits, including my diet.

I found some great information about some specific herbs that are incredibly beneficial to the eyes, and I built that into my daily routine.

In short, I crafted a devastating battleplan that would absolutely guarantee the eventual return of my sight ...

... perfect vision in only 15 minutes per day!

3 months later
I threw my glasses away



I now know that I will never need glasses again.

In fact, as the days roll by, and I continue to do my 15 minute routine every day, my eyes just keep getting better and better.


natural vision correction
Remember that telescopic vision
I was telling you about...?


And you know what… YOU CAN DO THE SAME.


You CAN have perfect vision,
without glasses or lenses
and without risky Lasik
or any other eye corrective surgery


If you're considering Lasik (laser) surgery,
please read this first:

Remember that I said I was so desperate to get rid of my glasses, that I would have done ANYTHING?

Well, I did consider surgery on my precious eyes.

Of course, I did some research!

OK, admitted, some people get really good results with surgery, both laser and conventional. But the thought of someone sticking a scalpel in my eye, or burning it with a laser beam … yeuch!

I found plenty of 'horror stories' to put me off. (If you want the websites just email me and I'll send you a list of URLs, but don't visit the sites whilst you're eating your lunch!)

And then there’s the cost of the surgery… no thanks! Thousands of bucks and still no guarantee it will help.

In fact, take a look at this quote from the BBC's Watchdog program:


"New scientific research from Germany shows that seven out of ten patients are left with defective vision after laser surgery.

Poor night vision, nyctalopia, is caused by the eyes inability to respond quickly enough to changing levels of light, causing glare, ghosting, halos and starbursts.

This is corrected in most patients by glasses. However, if you've had laser surgery, the condition may be untreatable."



Then I found this picture, which nailed the coffin firmly shut on the whole Lasik idea:


eye lasikIt's an actual photo of a laser shot fired at a cornea (a part of the eye).

What does it remind you of?

As it turns out, some people don't like the smell of burning flesh...


Ho hum... back to natural eyesight improvement.


Imagine ….

Imagine throwing your glasses and/or lenses away, and never needing them again, for the rest of your life.

If you could regain your natural birth-right of perfect vision, what's the first thing you'd do?

What's the next?

And the next?

Yeah, I know. There's a long list :-)


How Well Do YOU See?
Want to See Better?


So what about you?

If I told you, that you could dramatically improve your eyesight in less than 30 days, would you believe me?

Yes, it took me longer than this. That’s because I didn’t know what I was doing.

Of course, it helps to know what to do!

Actually that’s all you need. The right information. And then a little bit of disciplined action on your part – 15 minutes a day.


The Right Information

Information is power, isn't it?

Well actually NOT!

It's the application of useful and appropriate information that makes a difference.

Crappy information will just slow down your progress. (I found that out the hard way).

Failing to use great information is another way to guarantee your 'lack of success'!


In fact, the secret to success at anything is incredibly simple.

Here's the magic formula:

  • Find out what to do
  • Do it!
  • Make sure it's working
  • Do it some more!


Sounds easy huh?

Lets take a closer look at that:


1. Find out what to do

Here, you've got 3 options.

1) Do your own research
I spent hundreds of hours surfing the net, reading articles and books, and corresponding with experts in this field.
2) Hire an expert
There are plenty of 'experts' out there who will willingly tell/show you what to do.
Trouble is, how do you know who's an expert, and who just says they are?
Also, experts tend to be a little expensive ($100 per hour is not uncommon)

Learn from someone who's done both 1 and 2!
I already did it, why not just learn from my experience, my mistakes and my time and energy?


For example...

Do you know which are the 7 worst possible foods for your eyes?
Eating these foods will guarantee your vision gets WORSE!
There's a 95% chance you're already eating some (if not all) of them on a regular basis!

click here and I'll tell you one of them right now
click here if a little pop-up window doesn't open

Do you know which are the 12 very best foods for the eyes?
Yes, carrots are in there for sure! But they aren't the best, by a long way.

Do you know which of your regular or daily habits are destroying your sight?

click here and I'll tell you one of them right now
click here if a little pop-up window doesn't open

Do you know which of the hundreds of different eye exercises will be the most:

  • effective?
  • fun?
  • unpleasant?
  • beneficial for the rest of your health?
Do you know that there are several herbs, which if used correctly, will DOUBLE the speed your sight improves?


Yes, I can tell you the answer to all these questions, (and a whole lot more as well).

OK, now you know what to do, next you have to...


2. Do It!

Here's a strange thing. Even when people know what to do, most of them still don't do it.

Figure that one out?!

The experts in this field tell us it's all about motivation, willpower, neural associations, limiting beliefs, 'the power of WHY' etc etc.

Well, I don't know about that, but I do know that you won't improve your eyesight unless you actually do the right things. And do them every day!

I had this problem.

I got disheartened, because I didn't think I was getting results. I started to lose belief in the whole concept of vision self healing, and when that happened, I often 'forgot' to do my exercises.

Eventually, I understood what was going on, and I developed a way to absolutely guarantee that I would follow through.

It wasn't difficult. In fact, it was 'easy peasy'.

eyesight improvementI'll show you how to create your own dynamite routine, that will get you so excited and enthusiastic to follow through, a charging rhinoceros won't be able to get in your way!

You'll reduce your 'chance of failure' to ZERO!


3. Make Sure it's Working

This one's easy.

Just keep checking your eyes as you go (once a month is good), and watch your eyesight get better each time!

By the way, you don't need to pay those outrageous optician's fees for an eyesight assessment - you can easily check your improved vision yourself. I'll show you how.


4. Do it some more!

No brainer.

When you see your vision improving with your own eyes (pun intended), you'll get so excited, that staying with your program will become a natural and effortless way of life!


Do you want to throw away
your glasses/lenses and
NEVER need them again EVER?


So are you ready to get started on your adventure to perfect vision?

Do you want me to help you?

Would it help to have a proven, step by step, totally customizeable 'battleplan' in your hands, which will absolutely guarantee you will see better within 30 days.


"I had terrible eyesight for nearly 20 years... +7.5 in each eye.

After using some of the exercises in your book I had a test and was amazed to find my eyes had improved to +6.5.

A month later, they are now +5. I'm very excited, thanks so much!"

Anzela, Vancouver



Perfect Eyes for Clear VisionPERFECT EYES
30 Days to Better Sight
A Lifetime of Crystal Clear Vision

This is my program. It used to cost $79

If you've been persistent enough to read this far down the page (and you didn't cheat by scrolling), you may have what it takes to heal your eyesight naturally!

After having successfully sold my ebook for 12 years, I'm now giving it away for free.



How Can I Be So Sure?

There are literally tens, (if not hundreds), of thousands of people who have corrected their own vision and regained perfect sight, using these natural healing methods.


Don’t take my word for it, even prominent members of the ‘medical’ community are beginning see they've got it all wrong...


"Decades of research shows that a disciplined eye exercise regimen may reduce, postpone, or eliminate the need for corrective lenses"

Medical Self Care


Are you excited yet?

If not, let me ask you a question...

What is it costing you, NOT having perfect vision?

I don’t just mean how much money you spend on lenses, prescription glasses, cleaner, solutions, eye exams etc, (that's got to be in the thousands of dollars over a lifetime)

I mean what does it cost you emotionally, physically, mentally.

What would you do differently in your life if you could see well?

What are you missing out on?


"Just like you said, the most exciting thing was to wake up next to my husband, and actually see his face without my glasses!"


now that's PRICELESS!


A Quick Review

My PERFECT EYES program will teach you:

How the eyes actually work and why they stop working perfectly!
How natural healing works to rapidly 'fix' your eyes
The RIGHT actions to take, if you want a lifetime of perfect vision
What you MUST avoid doing, if you want a lifetime of perfect vision!
7 BAD habits you probably do every day, which are seriously hurting your eyes

5 GREAT daily habits that will heal your eyes and guarantee they stay in perfect condition

Over 40 awesome, step by step exercises, proven to create perfect vision in record time - (I promise you won't see some of these exercises in any other program)

My complete, easy to follow strategy to create your own 'devestating battleplan' that will positively guarantee your success
How to assess your own progress and save a small fortune on opticians' fees
Special bonus exercises to take your vision way beyond 20/20 to telescopic and microscopic vision.
How to avoid the absolute time-wasters and save yourself months of poorly spent time. There's no point in you going down the same dead-ends that I took!
Much much more!


Click Here For the Complete Chapter List of My Book

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What do you have to bring to the party?

I'll be honest with you.

Just reading this program won’t fix your eyes! You will have to follow through and actually take action on the information.

If you don’t do the exercises or make the few simple changes to your daily habits, you will not improve your sight.

If you do the exercises and make the changes, you'll receive the gift of amazing vision. Way beyond your expectations.

It’s that simple.

I know how difficult it can be to follow through, I wasted months not doing what I knew I should. That's why I’ve made this course so easy that it's idiot proof. You simply won’t be able to fail!


All the best

better eyesight naturally

Dave Brinkley


PS. If you scrolled down here looking for the download link, skipping through the page because it looks like too much to read through, IMO you've very little chance of healing your eyes naturally!

Natural healing requires a determined effort to take responsibility for yourself - your own health and your own life - and that begins with being willing to put in the effort to actually read and follow instructions. In other words, you've missed the link by impatiently scrolling past it.

The ebook/program is completely free, but you'll have to make some effort... go back to the top of the page and start reading from the top, you'll be glad you did ;)


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